We Offer:


In Solomon Kensington we offer vaccination for animals (pigs and cattles).Taking care of livestock is paramount to us.

Consultancy Services

In Solomon Kensington,we offer consultancy services as part of our share attitude to enhance the growth of Agriculture in Africa

Farm Design and Construction

In Solomon Kensington, we have varieties of farm design, coupled with our skilled construction techniques to suit the modern day view.


Solomon Kensington is also a profit oriented  company.We have varieties of livestock available,which include; pigs,cattles,rams,sheeps,camels,horses,donkeys,e.t.c

Meet The CEO

Hon.(Dr) Adebutu Oladipupo

Agriculture is nature,and nature is life. Developing our lives(our world) is an essential duty.The most gifted part of Africa is Agriculture,and its development is paramount to us at SKAA limited (Solomon Kensington Agro-Allied) .


Our prospect is to elevate Africa through Agriculture to enhance greater future.